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Big Brother Naija Recap to run for one month

1 March 2019  12:47 PM


Bisola, Soma, Efe and TBoss

Some of the Big Brother Naija season 2 housemates. From left- Bisola, Soma, Efe and TBoss


Fans for the reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, will this month be treated to highlights of the previous episodes as they prepare for season four.

The Big Brother Naija recap kicked off Friday morning with the grand opening of the BBNaija 2, Uriel was the first houemate to enter and Efe was the last.

Looking at the opening show, Efe was asked what he could if he won the money, the based on logistics star removed his shirt and shoes and was prepared to remove all the clothes only to be stopped by the show host, Ebuka.

It's not surprising that Efe won the money after 78 days



Then came Miyonce and TBoss, these two connected from the very first day of the show. Miyonce got into the house before TBoss, but the moment she made her way into the house, she kept her arm around Miyonce  forever, just as well, these two were an item in the house.

Short of that, the highlights for the BBNaija 2 season continue on Channel 198 giving the fans a recap of the 12 housemates in that season that include; Efe, Marvis, Gifty, Kemen, Miyonce, Bisola, Thin Tall Tony, Bally, Uriel , Soma, Coco Ice and TBoss.